The French Speedcrane is a manufacturer of roofing cranes that work in the same way as a hydraulic construction crane, but can be moved faster and cheaper due to their fixed 80 km / h axle and its light weight. With a net weight of just under 3.5 tons, the machine can be moved with a 4 X 4 truck or big van. The 6 ballast plates of 500 kg each can easily be placed by 1 person trough an ingenious system mounted on the crane. The crane operates with 220 v, is equipped with an automatic lubrication system and remote control!

Speedcrane jeep.jpg



  • Height under the hook: 13.5 meters
  • Maximum load: 1500 kg

  • Maximum load on the top: 500 kg

  • Dimentions on the ground: 4 mx 4 m

  • Unfolding: 8 minutes

  • Steered axles!

  • Width: 2.06 meters

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