Our workshop is standby for all planned maintenance and repair jobs. It is equipped with the latest gear for handling and servicing big machines, such as 2 roller bridges with a capacity up to 8 tons, an oil dispensing system, several greasing bridges and air power tools.

Our field force comes to the rescue when your need is at the highest. Equipped with mobile workshops, a stock of the most current spare parts, and a complete library of manuals for all crane types in our portfolio, our field technicians are able to get lift off again most of the cases.

Both our inhouse workshop and our field force are backed up by another BLE stronghold: our spare parts department.

Warehouse: we have a permanent stock of the most common spare parts, so in many cases we can help you right away.

Ordering: our “preferred partner status” with our suppliers guarantees you online ordering and fast delivery of the parts we don’t have in stock. For specific problems, our people consult with the suppliers’ engineers.



In order to guarantee you absolute reliability and deliver upon our quality culture,BLE is a partner in Manitowoc Crane Care. Our call centre immediately dispatches your demand for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) spare parts (delivery within 24 hours) or for engineering or software support.



We have our own means to finance your purchase:
  • smooth procedure;
  • competitive rates;
  • buy back agreement.